Language is a beautiful tool in human existence seeing as it is the mains means by which we are able to communicate. However, like a wrong size spanner, the same tool becomes a hindrance when people speaking two different languages meet without a qualified language translator.

Thankfully, there are a lot of modifications that are done to languages to allow cross-language communication. Key among them is translation. This is the practice of converting a speaker’s language into another language that the listener understands.

Translation, however, is not simply changing the meaning of words from one language to another. It involves localization of the message. This means that the listener understands it as if it were spoken in their preferred tongue. To achieve this, translation clients should always insist on using an experienced translator.

Meaning lost in translation – Translator Qualifications

Have you ever heard of the statement ‘meaning lost in translation?’ This is what happens when you engage a greenhorn in translation services. Learning a new language does not automatically qualify one to become a translator. Rather, document translation (and all other forms) is an art that requires intelligence and top notch communication skills.

This is something we can say authoritatively having been in the language business for a solid 15 years. In that period, individual team members have continuously improved their skills in translation and related areas. These include sub-titling, transcription, editing, proofreading, and captioning among many others.

We have seen them develop into strong workers who can comfortably handle complex tasks like over-the-phone interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. These are assignments that are required in a short while and often have newbies fretting and making silly mistakes.

Basically, if you want quality work as a client, you should appreciate the difference between knowing two languages and the ability to translate text between them. You may sometimes be tempted to forego some translators because of a marginal difference in cost. If you do that, you are setting yourself up for a classic case of the broken telephone. Always insist on experience of Intetra800’s stature and you will never go wrong.

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