South Sudan obtained its independence from the Republic of Sudan after July 2011 referendum to secede. It is currently part of Sub-Saharan Africa thus it is not part of the Sudan region. There are Niger-Congo-speaking minorities in South Sudan but it is majorly inhabited by Nilo-Saharan speaking people. Like any other underdeveloped country, the country is still battling illiteracy levels. The state has more illiterate people compared to literate people worldwide with only 27% people who can read and write. The authorities are trying to fight the rates of illiteracy by launching thousands of adult education across the country. There has been a corrupt leadership for over a decade and it has continued to thrive for years. South Sudan has more than 60 spoken languages but below are the major spoken languages;

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Arabic In South Sudan

Arabic is the most spoken language in South Sudan despite the government’s attempts to discourage it. The government has tried to discourage Arabic because of its association with Arab colonization but the efforts are not bearing fruits. Arabic is mostly spoken in the Equatorial province.

Dinka Language

It is also known as Jieng. Dinka is spoken by Dinka people in South Sudan. Dinkas are transhumant pastoralists moving from one place to another in search of pasture. During the dry season, they move to riverine pastures and in the rainy seasons, they return to their permanent settlement. Dinka is the largest ethnic with over 4.5 million speakers in Southern Sudan. Dinka people in South Sudan are found in Bahr el Ghazal of Nile basin, Jonglei, and other parts of southern Kordufan and the upper Nile regions.

Nuer Language

Nuer language is spoken by Nuer people living in South Sudan. It is a Nilotic language of the Western Nilotic group. Nuer people living in Western Ethiopia and those of upper Nile state are called Jikany Nuer. Nuer language used a particular modified version of the Latin script for their written language. The language is similar to Dinka and Atout languages. There are also other seven counties inhabited by other groups of people of Nuer in the upper Nile province known as Unity State.

Uduk Language

Uduk is a Koman language spoken by the Uduk people of South Sudan who border with Ethiopia. Uduk is an ethnic group from the Blue Nile State. It is also known as Kwanim Pa and it is the only ethnic group that can still relate to the ancient people of modern Egypt. This ethnic group is said to have come from an area of North Khartoum.

Why you need translation services in South Sudan

The majority of counties do not have common language speakers because of diversity thus there is a need for translation and interpretation services. The economy of South Sudan is one of the underdeveloped counties in the world with the highest illiteracy levels. Areas such as Central Equatorial which is inhabited by Arabic speakers need excellent translation services
because most people here can hardly read and write. Another reason why one would need translation services in South Sudan is that it is only around 17% of the population have access to the internet thus interpretation and translation services will help those who can not understand spoken languages in different counties.

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