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Conference interpretation

Conference interpretation is the act of conveying a message, which has originally been spoken in one language, in one or more other languages.

Remote Interpretation

The ideal scenario is to have your interpreters in the meeting room with your delegates using devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops etc.

Interpretation Project Management for Events

Events take planning, and so do interpretation services. Intetra800 African Translators can help you to finalize the interpretation requirements for your event.

Whispered interpretation

This is a form of simultaneous interpretation performed by an interpreter who whispers the interpretation in the ear of one or two individuals. Whispered interpretation only works in a minority of situations since the interpreter’s voice may disturb other participants.

Voice over

Voice over is a production technique where a voice—that is not part of the narrative is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations.



It is the process of checking a draft translation for errors and making appropriate amendments.



It is designed for viewers who cannot hear the audio in the video.



It is used when information retention is paramount for entertainment products, such as films and performance-driven videos. Dubbing is in fact the only true way to capture the totality of the original content’s intent.

Interpretation Equipment

The team of interpreters has been selected with care; you know the mode of interpretation required.  It is now equally important to choose the right interpretation equipment and hire properly qualified technicians. We hire the Interpretation Equipment and have very sound Interpretation  Equipment for very quality  Interpretation.

Diplomatic interpreting

Diplomatic interpreting is carried out in a variety of situations, including official visits, press conferences, formal or informal interviews etc.

Consecutive interpretation

There is no need of specialized equipment for this type of Interpretation, unless the interpreter is on a stage or at a podium, in which case a microphone will be required.

Simultaneous interpretation

This is both the most frequently used and most equipment-intensive mode of interpretation; great care therefore needs to be taken when sourcing the necessary technical equipment.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) is a form of sign language interpretation that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with a hearing person at the same site via videoconferencing instead of live, on-site interpretation.


It is a concept used in the field of translation studies to describe the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context.



It means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling.


It is designed for viewers who can hear but do not understand the language in the video.


Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Our software, eLearning, Web and Mobile App Localization services are comprehensive and geared to take your product to any geographical location especially in Africa. When it comes to digital localization, businesses require more than simple user-interface translations. They require partners that create effective results, meet deadlines and reduce time-consuming errors.


Grading Screen Test/Assessing court interpreter performance

It is the way of assessing interpreting skills in courtroom or Immigration settings as to become Immigration or Court Interpreters

Executive interpreting

Executive interpreting is the term used when a highly qualified interpreter is assigned to shadow a political or business leader during a visit.

Tour-Guide interpretation

When delegates and interpreters are on the move, during a site visit, for example, a “tour-guide system” can be used, comprising a microphone, radio transmitter and headsets.

Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone to individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language.

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign language interpreting is the use of a sign language to convey the information contained in the program audio (speech and other important sounds) to viewers who are deaf and for whom sign language is their first language.



Editing involves correction, condensation, organization, and many other modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work. 


Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

It is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a personal computer.

Copy editing

It involves fewer sweeping changes in the translation.


A transcriptionist is a professional typist who listens to recorded or live audio files and converts into text format what they hear. They offer their services to medical, legal, and general transcription industry.

Language consultancy

Language consultant is a linguist who has graduated from a university language consultancy program. A language consultant is not just a proofreader, a writer or an editor. He is all that and much more, concentrated to one person.


Quality Assurance (QA)

QA testers handle the last step of translation, and are native speakers of the language they work on.

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