The world has been caught off-guard by a worldwide pandemic that started in Wahun China. A new viral disease has been hitting the news headlines since January 2020, COVID 19. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is transmitted when someone comes into contact with droplets from an infected person. As of 11th May 2020, the world had reported 4,230,962 cases with 285,463 deaths and 1,516,637 people recovering.

The world economy has been brought to a standstill with minimum business operations. Nevertheless, the situation has presented a need for translation as the world governments collaborate in search of a cure. The translation services required must be accurate by the fact that it is dealing with people’s lives. The world health organization has reported that there are groups of scientists collaborating around the world looking for a vaccine. Nevertheless, their efforts can be slowed down by the language barrier or inaccurate medical translation.

For instance, UNESCO mobilized has mobilized researchers, scientists, and governments from more than 122 countries around the world to collaborate and exchange views regarding the Coronavirus. For efficient collaboration, there is a need for medical translators to reduce the knowledge gaps among the countries.

Medical Translation

Medical translators will also contribute significantly to the success of research collaborations towards the Covid-19 vaccine or cure. There are possibilities of significant contribution getting lost on translation. We wrote in our earlier blog article that translation is not just a matter of converting words from one language to another, but it involves more understanding and localization. Medical translation involves translating biomedical terminologies. The translators need to be knowledgeable about the current technology as well as having an understanding of how people communicate. African countries need medical translators to work hand in hand with our various teams in search of a solution.

Good Medical Translators

Fighting coronavirus and any other future medical issues require the best of medical translators to be involved. The translators need to understand and uphold the professional code of ethics in the medical sector. One of the ethics is a sense of confidentiality. The translator also needs to be an expert in linguistics. For example, a medical translator needs to be competent in both English and French to be in a position to deliver a reliable translation from French to English.  Medical translation also involves understanding medical terms in both primary language and the second language. A medical translator is required to have sufficient knowledge of medical terms globally. Besides being a translator, it would be more significant to be a researcher too. Researching skills in medical translation will help to understand any new content.

At Intetra 800 African Translators, we are keen to offer 100% accurate medical translation. We have extremely qualified translators’ worldwide ready to offer translation remotely too. We also provide a wide variety of translation, proof-reading, editing, and caption among others.









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