Director Medical center
“We are very happy with Intetra800African Translators. The staff is friendly and attentive to all of our needs. Through their language assessment program, we have been able to measure the language proficiency and interpreting ability of some of our dual-role bilingual employees, ensuring our patients consistently receive the highest quality of care. I recommend them”

Timothy Marc

Lin County Transportation, USA
“With the utilization of Intetra800African Translators’ language solutions, we are able to speak directly to the members of our community that do not speak Navajo. The ability to actually speak to one another has allowed us to assist the population in a way we haven’t been able to before. I highly recommend Intetra800African Translators”

Sunday Stocks,


Global Microsoft, Canada
“We use Intetra800African Translators’ telephone interpreting service to be able to guide our non-English speaking clients through medical emergencies, and to provide assistance in a time of need. I strongly recommend them”

Marcel Young

Director of Sales, Durplax, UK
“My experience with Intetra800African Translators has been nothing but positive. Intetra800African Translators is a company that provides quality language services at a competitive price and on-time delivery. I surely recommend them”

Roger Ducelin


President, Palm Solutions, FL

“Working with Intetra800African Translators has been a homerun for us! I can’t say enough good things about the employees there, especially our Account Manager and Translation Project Manager. The team at Intetra800African Translators is attentive and responsive to our needs at all times, and they are always available to answer our questions and guide us through the translation process. I strongly recommend them without hesitation”

Charles Lipson


Dir. Wernersville State Hospital

“I’m a Doctor in Wernersville State Hospital and it’s so wonderful to see our clients get the language and cultural support they need through Intetra800African Translators’ services.”

Mercy- Motto- Lillian


Chief Operating Officer, FR

“We recently had a hearing impaired patient scheduled for surgery who was in need of Sign Language (SL) interpreter. We had the video interpreting service set up for surgery the next day so that we could access an SL interpreter. They provide everything that truly make a difference.”

Francis T. Pommet


Customer Manager, Belco Insurance, VC

“We depended on Intetra800African Translators’ professional translation solutions for the translation of the North Carolina
Uber’s Manual into Cherokee. My overall experience with Intetra800AfricanTranslators, and the translation team specifically, has been great! I don’t have any worries when it comes to Intetra800AfricanTranslators. They are very dependable and the work is always impeccable.”

Bruce Dinkoch


Nursing Director, Methodist Children’s Hospital, TX

“We do often video interpreting through Intetra800AfricanTranslators. All we needed to go live with the service was Internet access and a webcam; there was no expensive equipment to rent or purchase. There is definitely a cost savings compared to face-to-face interpretation and the service allows us to access highly qualified interpreters on demand 24/7. The staff is excellent to work with. I recommend them!”

Pam Dwter


Editor in Chief, Baleine, TX

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators’s video remote interpreting service has been received very positively by both the hospital staff and our patients. Not only is the technology available on demand, but there is a major reduction in costs, as well as a savings in time and an improvement in overall efficiency, using the VRI technology provided by Intetra800AfricanTranslators.”

Daniel Shishan


District of Pennsylvania, PA

“Our relationship with Intetra800AfricanTranslators has allowed us to become compliant with regards to interpretation services. We now have the ability to provide the best care possible to our non- Finnish-speaking patients thanks to the help of Intetra800AfricanTranslators.I strongly recommend Intetra800AfricanTranslators.”

Rosen Primot


Manager, Diversity&Environnment, San Antonio, Texas

“I can’t recommend Intetra800AfricanTranslators highly enough. Professional and prompt, they don’t just ‘translate,’ but they do so with a critical eye. Whether it’s clarifying a note or catching an error in the copy, they get the job done, correctly, the first time (which saves me time and money!). In addition to their translation solutions, they also provide skilled editorial services, such as proofreading and content edits. They’re a great group of people who I consider to always work with”.

Tatan Sultzm


Attorney at Law

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators has a wonderful face-to-face interpreting department. They are quick to respond to our emergency language needs, and they consistently send the highest quality on-site interpreters. We have very diverse languages represented in our court system and Intetra800AfricanTranslators has always been able to fulfill our very rare language requests worldwide.”

Felix Alga


Ph.D., VP Mission Integration, Towson, MD

“Working with Intetra800AfricanTranslators and utilizing their face-to-face and telephone interpreting services has helped my firm better serve clients from around the world. I would highly recommend Intetra800AfricanTranslators to any attorney or law firm that has clients that speak worldwide languages.”

Susan Crane


Manufacturing Company, Indiana

“I can confidently say that employee, patient, physician and community satisfaction has improved tremendously since partnering with Intetra800AfricanTranslators. Through this partnership, we have been able to effectively eliminate cultural and linguistic barriers for our ever-growing diverse patient population. We look forward to working with Intetra800AfricanTranslators for many years to come in all Official, Dialect, Indigenous worldwide Languages!”

Kellee Toblan


Design Company, PH

“We transferred from another language services company to Intetra800AfricanTranslators. The staff was initially apprehensive about making the switch to another provider but Intetra800AfricanTranslators’s implementation team provided such comprehensive user education that the transition was seamless. We’re very pleased with Intetra800AfricanTranslators’s robust implementation process and their telephone interpreting service!”

Sartre Chambal


Marketing, golf club & Resort, Virginia

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators has always provided me not just with accurate translations, but also with excellent service and very quick turn-around so that I am able to meet my clients’ deadline. Thanks!”

Cathline Kim


President, Marketing Consultancy, NY

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators has provided translations for our company and employees for over five years. They have always been pleasant to communicate with, have met our deadlines and worked within our budget. I recommend them.”

Lisa W


Sales Management, Harware Company, Mississipi

“For the past years, Intetra800AfricanTranslators has provided a quick turn-around with reasonable rates for their services. They are very responsive I have used their services from 2004.I highly recommend their fast services.”

Linda F


Localization Program Manager, Ohio

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators is very easy and pleasant to work wit they do they best to get me what I need in the right time”

Pazdi M


Manufacturing Company, Iowa

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators completed my project quickly and affordably. I really liked how I was sent a copy of the work so I could look over it and make changes before the project was finalized. I will recommended them to colleagues and friends.”

Brandy Grahm


Production Company, Northern California

“We are a worldwide manufacturing company with several offices around the globe. Communicating to and from our offices in a number of languages has become an absolute requirement. It seems like we made the right choice in selecting Intetra800AfricanTranslators as our translation company partner. We have no reason to ever think of using another translation Company for similar services.”

Carol .P


International Cosmetics Company, Arizona

“It has been a pleasure working with Intetra800AfricanTranslators. Thank you for helping us grow!”



Preservation manager, USA

” Intetra800AfricanTranslators does not only translation. They know and understand the culture of a country and their language and bring this into their work. They work with almost an impossible deadline. A great full-service company!”

John Kaestner


Compliance Officer HCA, Nashville, TN

“We always feel confident sending Intetra800AfricanTranslators our materials with the knowledge that these will be translated promptly and professionally, and that confidentiality will be maintained. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Andrea Evans



I was worry about Intetra800AfricanTranslators, being one of many that are offered online. However, this Company was very quick and responsive from the outset, and produced the translation I needed, the format I needed, very quickly and professionally. I definitely recommend this company.”

Tony Smith



“THANK YOU!!!! You guys have been so helpful with the quick turnarounds this week, we appreciate it tremendously.”

David M.



“Thank you very much! I will be sending you more in the near future”

Keita F.


Lane County Behavioral Health

“Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.”

Merissa T


CEO, Orange County Transportation, Authority, WT

“This is marvelous. Thank you so much for your continued support.”

Loretta D. G


State of Ohio

.“Thank you so much for taking this urgent translation, for our caseworker. We are very grateful for your immediate response”

Lise S.


City & County of Denver, Colorado.

“Thank you for your fast delivery and quality. We are happy to work with Intetra800AfricanTranslators!”

Maribel V

City and County of Denver, Colorado.

“Hi, I very much appreciate your translator’s attention to the details. Gives me great confidence in your services.”

Jackie P.

King County Administration, WT.

“Thank you so much for your great work.”

Betty L.

State of Oregon

“ Thank you! I appreciate your attention to detail and getting everything right.”

Sarah D.

King County, Washington State

“Thank you for all your help. I know I can count on you when it comes to indigenous, official and dialects languages, I cannot find anywhere else.”

Ann R.

Interpreter Coordinator, State of Oregon Office of Administrative Hearings

“I wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to you and your team for returning great-translated documents. We really appreciate the time and effort that you all put in, especially around the holiday season. It was such a relief to receive the translated documents on time and without any errors.”

Lindsay H.

The Governor’s Officer of Storm Recovery State of NY

“My team and I are pleased with the work you have done with such professionalism and diligence, thank you! We look forward to utilizing your services in the future”

Turiek C.

Ohio City Public Schools

“Wow! Thanks so much for getting us these translations so quickly! It is very much appreciated!!”

Solly M.

King County, NY.

“Thank you so much for the quick turnaround and high quality!”

Tara L.

Office of the Governor of the State of WT

“Thank you so much and I appreciate your quick turnaround and professionalism”.

Yvette Sokto

Texas State Department of Transportation

“Thank you very much for the quick turnaround ”

Jennifer T.

Hulisa Public Schools

“You guys are amazing, thank you so much for your professional Services”.

Claudette N.

California Department of Education

“Thank you for the quick turnaround and amazing quality”.

Aliisa K.

The State of Rhode Island

“This is great. Thank you very much.”

Matthew S.

King County, Washington, New Global Translations, NY.

“Hello, Thank you so much for your amazing reliability.”

Anna S. S.

Translations Director, ABLE International, Los Angeles, California

“Hi, Thank you! Great! You are the far best business relation I have dealt with in translations. Prompt and very easy to work with! Thank you again!”

Barbara A.

Multi-Cultural Services, Minnesota

“Hi, Thanks for your prompt help and attention to details.”

Mark L.

Quantum, Inc., Pennsylvania

“Hi, Thank you so much for the translated project. It looks great! If I may say so, your team followed instructions even better than my teams. You have impressed me once again. Thanks a lot!”

Maria L.


“They were professional, fast and even got my documents to me on a weekend. I would definitely use them again. As well as recommend them to anyone needing translation services.”

Marissa H.


“I would do business with them again in a heart beat, fast, professional and great customer service.”

Diana T.


“I had a great experience using the service. I got my document translated immediately. Intetra800African Translators is a great Company, good to talk to, very helpful. All the emails are promptly answered. Definitely recommended!!!!”

Director Maplemo

“I’m so glad they have translated my documents in few hours within our budget.They are responsible and professional to help you out. Keep contact with you until the work done and ask your opinion about the translation, very good job.”

John Max


“This is a great service; they really helped me out in a pinch. Intetra800AfricanTranslators was very helpful and replied promptly to my emails. I will certainly use this service again.”

Baron M.


“I had such a great experience working with Intetra800AfricanTranslators. I needed a document translated urgently. I sent it to them in the evening, and they had it ready for me the next morning. I was so fortunate that they were able to complete this for me with such efficiency and accuracy.”

Christian L.


“I am very happy with their service. I had only one week to translate and have everything be delivered and they did it very quickly and gave me updates throughout the process. Their translation is accurate and they are willing to go an extra step to do what you are asking them to do. They also give a lot of options for how to pay for the service.”

Shahad A.


“This was my first time using a service like this, and I was pleasantly surprised. Intetra800AfricanTranslators was so helpful and he processed my work quickly! I would recommend this company to everyone!”

Mercy M.

Tamar Adam

“Great and fast service! Very Friendly!
I was in need of my Diploma to be translated, I found this website and I called Intetra800African Translators and responded very quickly and gave me a reasonable price and my Diploma was ready in less than 24 hours.
I highly recommend Intetra800AfricanTranslators to everyone!
Intetra800AfricanTranslators was amazing to work with! I will use this service again as needed.”


Leah M.

“Reliable! Speedy! Professional! Those are the words that best describle the team. I was in need of important documents and at first I was reluctant to trust an online site, but as soon as I received a phone call back from Intetra800AfricanTranslators – his professionalism and friendliness convinced me to give them a try. I am so glad I did and will continue to use them and them ONLY! For all my future needs.”


Rebecca T.

“Great service with great translators.
I needed a translation over the weekend and it was done very rapidly. I recommend Intetra800AfricanTranslators.”


Taeho A.

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators is so nice to work with!!
I requested my document and they finished it on weekend!!!
Good Service, Professional.
That’s it!!!”



Jane Smith

“I had a great experience using Intetra800AfricanTranslators. They were very professional and delivered the translations ahead of time. I highly recommend their services.”



Vital R.

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators is very fast and efficient. You will get the quick response either through phone call or email. I am very pleased with the service!”



Michael M.

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators translated some complex documents involving the US Immigration process. The Igbo needing translation was difficult and my request included a tight deadline. Intetra800AfricanTranslators and his team came through with flying colors! He kept me in the loop throughout the process, both via phone and e-mail, subsiding any concerns. Intetra800AfricanTranslators truly is a professional operation.”




Maria Genevieve

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators was helpful from day one. The service was really fast. My doc was ready in less than 24hours and I got it on the mail in 3 days. Very satisfied!”




Everyn Math

“Overall Intetra800AfricanTranslators is a great service. They are fast and courteous. If there is an issue, they will let you know.”




Rodrigo E.

“I contacted Intetra800AfricanTranslators for an urgent translation and made the translation and sent me back before the agreed. II strongly recommend his services!”




Luke T.

“I contacted Intetra800AfricanTranslators on Friday, needed my translation ASAP…on Easter Sunday I received my certified translation why for many thanks Intetra800AfricanTranslators!!”




Abdullah F. Ali

“Outstanding service. Got all my documents translated in 24 hours. I strongly recommend them to anyone seeking fast and professional services.”




John S.

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators was amazing to work with. I had a very short turn around need for a paper that I was writing. I called and was very proactive to get my needs met. The price was appropriate and the service excellent. The project was turned around before the promised day and was completed to meet my expectations. I can’t say enough good things about Intetra800AfricanTranslators. I will keep their info close to use them again. I am very picky and don’t give 5 stars often unless deserving. 5 stars all the way. Thanks!”




Kurt Billy

“Fast, friendly and professional. They’ll get the job done and it will be done right, on time the first time. “I’m glad I made the choice to utilize their services… you will be too!




Tarek C.

“I had them translated my birth certificate. Intetra800AfricanTranslators was professional and they emailed me the translated version with one day, which is what I was looking for. I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking for their services”






Louise G.

“Job very well done! The translation of my documents was accurately and professionally done in record time. From the time I initiated contact with Intetra800AfricanTranslators until the completion of the services, they were cordial, clear and straight forward in quoting the costs associated with the job.”







Conny T.

“I had a Chichewa document and needed it translated to English in a short time. The whole process was easy and the translator got back to me immediately and finished the translation on time.”




Softtailhd C.

“I needed paperwork translated into Gilbertesse, like yesterday! Intetra800AfricanTranslators did an outstanding job. Very professional. Received my translation in a timely manner. I had problems with my computer but Intetra800AfricanTranslators walked me through everything that I had to do. Again, thank you. I am sure that I will be using your services again.”


Anastasia Tibbo.

“Absolutely great service. Used Intetra800AfricanTranslators multiple times and each time got great results.”



Anastasia Tibbo.

“Absolutely great service. Used Intetra800AfricanTranslators multiple times and each time got great results.”



Helena T.

“This is reliable service. In my case translation of documents for DMW. It was quickly and accurately. Staff is very professional and polite. Pay attention to all nuances. Choose Intetra800AfricanTranslators!”



Wizma A.

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Mary S.

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Lydia S.

“This is really one of the best, quick and responsible company, I’ve got my documents in 25 minutes!”
Great job, thank you!



Micah .O

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Chucky Mayan.

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators did a great job on the translation staying focused on what the thought process was. Would recommend them to anyone needing translation services. Also they beat their estimated delivery time by 2 days.”



Mohammad Ali.

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Priscilla Q.

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators was fast, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I reached out to several translation companies, and Intetra800AfricanTranslators was the first to respond (almost immediately). The company answered all of my questions right away, and I felt confident moving forward with the service based on his professionalism and the great reviews I’d read from satisfied clients. I received the translation back in just a few days. I’m very satisfied with the service and would happily recommend the company.”



Melanie Y.

“Great experience! Responsive service, quick turnaround and friendly exchange. Highly recommend this service and I will use it again for any future translation needs.”



Abigail W.

“The service is excellent, Friendly people welcomed me with smiley faces and traditional way. I did not get any delays which saved me so much time, I liked the way they treated me.”
Thank you so much for being so helpful.
I will recommend their services to my friends if they need help with Translation.



Silvian T.

“Very friendly, super fast response! I totally recommend they can help you!”
I’m very happy with this people



Abiramo Tigger

“Very quick in responding to my requests and completing the job. I highly recommend them and look forward to using them again.”



Jerzy Mike

“I was pleased with such prompt and professional service and I think that I can recommend it to others.”


Domely Uttah

“Very prompt in both answering my request for a quote and the actual translation of my documents. I needed them fast for a visa application and I was greatly impressed!”


Jotana C.

“Recently I was dealing with WA state Dept of Licensing and the translations I had were not approved by the DOL so I found this company by calling all the companies listed by the TOL as state approved translators. This was the only company from the list to offer me a translation service of my birth certificate and marriage license overnight. I send the scans really late that day and the translations were ready the following day in the morning. You saved me so much hassle of waiting 2-3 days for the other companies to do the same job. You guys even faxed the translation directly to the Dept of Licensing I was dealing with. I highly recommend your service to anyone.


Mary Mig

“I was very pleased with such prompt and professional service! I highly recommend them and look forward to using them again!”


Dawn Brown

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators did a wonderful job translating my documents quickly. I would recommend his company to anyone needing translation services.”


Bjorno T.

“Always a pleasure to work with Intetra800AfricanTranslators on our occasional Kunama translation projects, primarily in the health industry! Recommended!”


Semia St.

“Very good job and very quick I definitely recommend this translator he did a great job for me! Thank u so much”



Pithako S.

“Very very good customer services quickly and very fast and reasonable price thank you. Awesome I will recommend to all my friend to every one I know like it”



Daniel Biltmore

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Rizwan Uma

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Tesho Mad

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Miltan M.

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Sandito S.

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Elizabeth V.

“I highly recommend Intetra800AfricanTranslators they are fast, accurate and very professional! They went beyond to meet my deadline. Thank you!”



Azad T.

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Highly recommend



Wayne Betty

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Yuri A.

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Sacy F.

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Ragen Allen

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Eden Xo

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Languagestat L

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Madona L.

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators is an effective communicator and prompt in his response. He is also very helpful. As a student, I sought guidance in the field of translator/interpreter. Intetra800AfricanTranslators took time out to help me. He answered many of my questions before I even asked them! I highly recommend.”



Ahmed Kaddo
“Intetra800AfricanTranslators provided me excellent translation and customer services many times since last year. Even if they are far away from where I live their services are like from what I would get them from a next-door neighbor. Distance does not matter when it comes to their service. Their speed and accuracy is impeccable. They went beyond their scope to help me in issues which I needed a help. Intetra800AfricanTranslators and his staff are very friendly and helpful people.” It is a great pleasure to work with them. highly recommend their services for any one who needs their services from anywhere.


Tarek U.

“Excellent and Faster than expected service! Seriously, thumbs up! Thank you Daniel.”


Denis UM

“I was very happy with the service the Intetra800AfricanTranslators gave me. My call was answered after hours and I was helped with utmost willingness.”
My papers were translated from Faroese to EN within less than 24hrs.


Ray Dr.

“My wife and I used Intetra800AfricanTranslators for personal and legal matters and found Intetra800AfricanTranslators to be attentive, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Extremely professional with the perfect personal touch. I value their services and give them my highest recommendation.”



Olesa L.

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Olesa L.



Craig P.

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Joyce F.

“Anytime I was in a rut with a language-I sent it over and he had a response within minutes. Very reliable with great prices. I will refer him any day. Thank you!”


Multi-Cultural Services, Minnesota.

“Thanks for your prompt help and attention to detail.”

Charles L.


Superior Translations, Minnesota

“Thank you for the wonderful work you did this month. We get many expressions of gratitude and satisfaction from our clients and the congratulations belong to you.”



New Global Translations, New York

“Thank you so much for your great reliability.”




Vanessa S.

“Wow, thank you so much for such a quick turn around and excellent customer service. I had called several other translation services on our contract list yesterday, most didn’t answer their phones and those that did answer told me that they wouldn’t be able to do the project with the turnaround time we requested. I am so glad that I found your company’s contact info; you really helped us out when no one else was able to. We will definitely reach out to you in the future.”




Ben Mukya

“You should be proud and our team is very thankful for all you did. The Governor is definitely aware of the good work you did for him. We will stay in touch because we’ll continue to need your great service in the future as we create more product. Until then… best to you and your entire staff.”




Peter Xomo

“This is the best company in the business! The best professionals, the best organization, fast response, reasonable price and one great person, Intetra800African Translators, always answer on the phone and always make the best to help you – I have emergency situation and Intetra800AfricanTranslators resolved it for less than half hour! So good services I never get anywhere else! I am writing this with big pleasure and big respect to all people working in this company! Thank you very mush,”




Leconte L.

“Prompt. Professional. Affordable.”




Abo Mohammad E

“Intetra800AfricanTranslators provided me with excellent service quick, efficient, and affordable. Thanks a lot”





“I really appreciate that because they translated to me on weekend day, very fast and perfect translation! Thank you”




Ewe Interpreter

“I am proud to be partnered with Intetra800African Translators as one of their Ewe telephone interpreters. Although the nature of the calls I service vary greatly, one thing that never changes is the fact that the people on the other end of the line need help. And it’s then that we, the interpreters, step in”

Matiba Bita John 




Navajo Interpreter&Translator

“Intetra800African Translators is a great Translation and Interpretation Company and they are so easy to work with! Their staff is flexible and friendly. They put an effort into making the interpreters Translators work as comfortable as possible. I also love the fact that they pay on time. I would definitely recommend this agency to my colleagues.”

Gabrielle Tba Meek


Cherokee Translator

“Intetra800African Translators is a top-notch LSP. It has been an absolute pleasure working with their highly professional and friendly staff. They are a great team that supports and cares about its interpreters& Translators, and pay them promptly. It is without reservation that I recommend Intetra800African Translators!”

Subh Gamay


Bengali Interpreter

“Intetra800African Translators is a great company to partner with. They provide valuable support to its interpreters& Translators and always pay promptly. They are a pleasure to work with!”



Portuguese Translator

“Intetra800African Translators is one of the best LSP in the world I have ever partnered with. I highly recommend it”



French Interpreter& French

“Intetra800African Translators employees are excellent communicators, and they are always willing to help the interpreters& Translators. I would definitely accept more interpretation and Translation assignments from Intetra800African Translators.”

Mirelle Maduba



Tongan Interpreter

“The staff at Intetra800African Translators is very professional and pleasant. I highly recommend it.”

Olgan Tassili

Program Director, US

“Intetra800African Translators is a very big classroom; I learn something new every day! I love my role as the company’s VRI Assistant Manager and the people I get to work with across all departments. We come together as a team to provide our clients with the best customer service possible.”

Willy Candela

Past Conference Serviced


Regional Conference IOM, Clarison Hotel, Kenya

13th – 20th May 2023

Conference about Sexuality Protection of IOM, Serena Hotel, Kenya

20th – 24th July, 2023

Africa Climate Summit (ACS), KICC, Kenya

4th – 8th  September, 2023


Global Sustainable Blue Economy - Canada, Japan and Kenya

6th – 7th January, 2022

SADEC, East Central Africa and – Fair View Hotel, Parkland - Gender Equity and Diversity (GED) - Care International

7th – 9th January, 2022

All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) - East, Central and West African Countries-AACC Westland - - Constitution and By-Laws; & Ecumenism

8th -26th January, 2022

English-French Interpretation: Zoom meeting from South Africa , EPF
8th March, 2021
Conference Interpretation meeting for Peace from the African Council of Religious Leaders — Religions for Peace (ACRL—RfP) at Mombassa( English<>French)& (English<> Arabic).
22nd -27th February, 2021
Impact of Covid 19 in EAC: Zoom meeting.
5th -10th January, 2021
English - French Via zoom (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) about Early Childhood Education in the context of covid-19 by AU from Nairobi, Kenya.
29nd -30th July, 2020
English - French Via zoom (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) about the Use of force during lockdowns by National Police Department in Africa by NANHRI from Nairobi, Kenya.
17nd -18th June, 2020
English - French Via zoom (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) about Gender-based violence in the context of covid-19 by NANHRI from Nairobi, Kenya.
2nd -3th May, 2020
English - Portuguese interpretation during the Annual Organizational Meeting with SADC/RVAA, in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
2nd-6th March,2020
French - English interpretation services during the 1st African Regional Conference of national Ethics &Bioethics Committees held at Mombasa,Kenya.
12th-14th Feb, 2020
French – English interpretation during GNDR meeting on Disaster Management in Entebbe, Uganda.
19th-21th Jan,2020
French - English interpretation during an ZATUC-ILO meeting on the future of work focusing on youth and women in Zanzibar,Tanzania.
19th – 22th    Dec, 2019
French - English interpretation on productivity improvement during ILO meeting Windhoek, Namibia.
21st – 25th Nov, 2019
Simultaneous Interpretation Services ( English- French) during 2019 ATPS ANNUAL FORUM, CONFERENCE AND SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS,
30th October 2019

THEME: Using Science, technology and innovation(STI) as a means for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in Africa

Simultenous Interpretation services( English<> French ) during CEWARN Strategy Framework Assessement held at Trade Mark Hotel, Gigiri, Nairobi
30th September, 2019
Simultaneous interpretation services (French-English) during the 1st Bureau Meeting of the Conference of African Ministers of Industry (CAMI-20) held at Crowne Plaza.
24th April – 26th June, 2019
Simultaneous interpretation services (French-English) during the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) Country Review Visit to Kenya held in Nairobi, Kenya.
7th – 9th April, 2019
On-site translation services during the Thirteen Ordinary Session of the Panel of Experts of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) that was held at the Safari Park Hotel.
23rd – 30th February, 2019
English – French simultaneous interpretation in AICC Arusha (Tanzania) with Interpol on Crime Incidences in SADC region.
22nd – 24th January, 2019
English – French interpreting in Pride Inn Hotel, Mombasa on Antenatal Care
22nd – 24th December, 2018
English - French, A workshop for the American Friends on Gender based violence, in Nairobi Kenya.
19th – 20th May, 2018
Simultaneous interpretation services (English – French) during the meeting of ISDAO’s Interim Governing Body held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast).
4th – 8th January, 2018
Simultaneous interpretation services (English – French) during the meeting of ISDAO’s Interim Governing Body held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast).
4th – 8th December, 2017
Simultaneous interpretation services (English – French) during the Communication and Community Engagement in Humanitarian Action Workshop organized in Nairobi (Kenya) by UNOCHA, UNICEF, IAWG, and CDAC.
29th – 31st May, 2017
English – French interpretation in Pride Inn Hotel, Mombasa on Antenatal Care.
22nd – 24th January, 2017
Interpreting during a meeting on Human Trafficking in Nairobi, AACC, and French – English.
7th – 9th February, 2017
Interpreting services during a Prison Fellowship International in Nairobi, French – English.
8th – 11th December, 2016
Simultaneous interpretation in English and Portuguese in CUEA, Nairobi during a meeting of Priests and Bishops from AMECEA about leadership.
16th – 19th August, 2016
Interpretation services in Kampala, Uganda English and French on Maternal Health.
26th – 30th January, 2016
Interpreting services in French and English during a meeting held by Marie Stopes International on Security measures, in Nakuru, Kenya.
18th – 19th December, 2015
Interpreting services in English and French, during a workshop for the American Friends on Gender based violence, in Nairobi Kenya.
19th – 20th August, 2015
Interpretation services in English and French, during the International Conference of the Indigenous People, in Dar es Salaam and Arusha.
3rd – 8th June, 2015
Interpretation Services during the All Africa University Games, in Nairobi , Kenya (French-English).
10th – 17th January, 2015
Simultaneous interpretation, French-English during the International Conference of the Women Judges Association, in Arusha Tanzania.
6th – 9th December, 2014
Simultaneous Interpretation English – French and vice – versa during an USAID conference on “the Women Leadership”, in Kigali Rwanda.
23rd – 25th July, 2014
Simultaneous Interpreting in French and English during a two-day meeting organized by the Constitution Review and Education Consortium (CRECO), in the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi.
20th – 21st May, 2014
Simultaneous Interpretation during Bible Translation and Literacy workshop in Ruiru.
8th – 12th February, 2014
Consecutive interpretation in an EAGC (Eastern Africa Grain Council) meeting in Nairobi.
7th – 11th December, 2013
Interpretation during a congress of the Mothers’ Union in Milele Guest House, Nairobi.
2nd – 5th August, 2013
Simultaneous Interpretation French – English. in the workshop about the capacity building with the Handicap International Nairobi at Upper hill Nairobi (5days).
3rd – 9th January, 2013
Interpreting (consecutive French and English) in a Mediation workshop with The Change Agents for Peace International at the Friends’ Church at Nambe Name Nairobi (5days).
1st – 3rd December 2012
Interpreting during the world Social Forum at Katarina, in Nairobi (both consecutive and Simultaneous interpretation French and English)
7th – 9th July 2012
Simultaneous Interpreting, Agiler team meetings at Hilton Hotel (businessmen), Zigged market and Ministries of Agriculture, Environment and Land. Trip to Masai Mara: cover meetings with the Governor and farmers.
6th – 17th January, 2012
Simultaneous Interpreting, Consultant Translator to Deloitte & Touch, Kenya: Translate audit reports and other administrative papers.
9th – 11th December, 2011
Consecutive Interpreting, Nairobi US Embassy: Consultant Language Instructor. Teach French to the mission and USAID staff in Nairobi to improve their skills or prepare their FSI tests.
21st – 26th April, 2011
Simultaneous Interpreting, SADC meetings at Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi.
18th – 22nd January 2011
Simultaneous interpreting, Workshop on hydrology, Center Caritas Nairobi for the International Hydrology Association.
7th – 14th November, 2010
Simultaneous Interpreting, SADC meetings, at Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi
16th – 28th June, 2010
Simultaneous Interpreting, SADC meeting at Azure Hotel, Nairobi, PNMLS, Secretariat of the Ministry of Health.
14th – 16th February, 2010
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA: Assist the audit team, cover meetings with the staff and translate some audit documents.
October 17th – November 3rd , 2009
Consecutive Interpreting, Visit of Tulane University team at the School of Public Health and vet department of the University of Nairobi on e-learning.
26th – 30th May, 2009
Simultaneous Interpreting, Fin Mark: market investigation of Cefni team from South Africa at APROCEC, Opportunity International, UNDP, BCC, I-Finance, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Foreign Affairs … on micro-finance and financial inclusion in Kenya.
1st – 9th February, 2009
Simultaneous Interpreting, Tetra pack team from Nigeria for market investigation in the Kenya: supermarkets, markets, sellers, consumers, (Interpretation); all day long.
14th – 18th October, 2008
Simultaneous Interpreting, Extraordinary meeting of the Board Committee of the Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (CCTTFA) as well as the Council at KICC, Nairobi.
23rd – 24th June 2008
Consecutive Interpreting, Collective 24, National Forum on the Right of Access to Information, Club du Lac Tanganyika, And Bujumbura.
11th – 17th February, 2008
Simultaneous Interpreting, COE, Burundi, UNICRI: Workshop for the DC Plan of Action, Residence Hotel, and Bujumbura
14th – 18th October, 2008
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA, Workshop on Ethics and International Civil Service, Cercle de Bujumbura.
19th – 25th April, 2007
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA high level mission: Ministry of Planning, UNFPA staff workshop, the Youth Associations, Prime Minister’s office Deputy Chief of Cabinet, Field visit at Kira Hospital.
19th – 30th January, 2007
Simultaneous Interpreting, Burundi Government: Restraint meeting of ICGLR Ministers of defense, Ream Golf.
16th – 19th November, 2006
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA Visit of Sweden foreign Affair minister in Kisumu Health Center.
17th April – 17th May, 2006
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA Professor Parham on cervical cancer, Burundi Hotel Club du Lac.
6th – 11th March, 2006
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA Team member for the drafting of Gender, RH and demography report including 3 days of work at Royal Imperial Hotel, Kampala.
7th – 15th November, 2005
Simultaneous Interpretation: COE Training session in Africana Hotel on the behalf of the delegates.
9th – 14th October, 2005
Consecutive interpreting, UNFPA Consultant for the translation of Gender, RH and demography report.
16th – 27th March, 2005
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA-KOICA field visit at Vijana health center, UNFPA-KOICA high-level delegation workshops at KOICA Burundi, meeting with the Secretary General of MoH, field visit of Ngozi Youth Center.
13th – 16th February, 2005
Simultaneous Interpreting, UNFPA Visit of the regional Director and the Goodwill Ambassador.

Meetings at INA, Panoramique Hotel with AU Ambassadors, UN Agencies and UE Ambassadors, the International to End Malaria, the launch of the demographic dividend road map by the Minister of Planning, meeting with the network of young parliamentarians, visit to Roi Khaled Hospital, meeting with senators at Palais de Kigobe.

22Nd – 25th May, 2004

Simultaneous Interpreting, GRID Project, UNFPA, INS and Central Bureau of Census.
9th – 13th February, 2004
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