Conference Translation Services

Transcription,Translation & Interpretation

Professional transcription services and translation projects come with 98% accuracy guarantee for good audio. Who we really are is right there in our name; but our story is far more interesting than that. We are translators, yes, but not like any other you have- or will- come across. From the range of languages we translate to and from to the precision with which we do our work, Intetra800 African Translators stands head and shoulders above all with it.

Our portfolio is quite wide, designed to tailor-fit every client’s needs. We do interpretations (even over the phone), translation, proofreading, transcription, revision, editing, video remote interpreting and even desktop publishing. We don’t stop there. If you are looking for voice overs, sign language interpretation, copy editing, dubbing, captioning or insertion of subtitles, look no further than intetra800

Basically, anything you want to do with audio or text is game for us. We have specialty in around 800 African both Common and rare  languages and over 200 Asian, American,European,Pacific  languages.

Intetra800 African Translators translates all kinds of documents, not only do we have one of the largest pool of translators on the continent, we are also the best in terms of turn-around time and quality.

We specialize in providing high-quality services at affordable rates with quick turnaround times. We Transcreate content based on the source language content, to customized to fit the culture, slang and idiom of our African local audience.

UN Official Languages Translation

In our decade and a half of work, we have worked with governments, corporates and individuals. We have conference interpreted the six official languages of the United nations– English, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese. Yes, we are versatile like that! Don’t let such achievements scare you if you are a smaller organisation though; we are here for everyone. We are headquartered in Nairobi , Kenya


Our pool of translators is famed for their consistency as well as specialization in different areas of expertise.


Conference interpretation involves the transfer of live proceedings from one language to another, simultaneously or consecutively…